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Numerous employment opportunities in developing industrial products
and workplaces requiring a high level of creativity and innovation; offering
an important role in all areas of the mechanical and electrical industries.

Published: 20. 12. 2017
Published: 27. 11. 2015
Cancellation of programme for foreign students in the academic year 2015/16 and cancellation of cooperation with MGEI Academy

College of Industrial Engineering is cancelling the strategic and academic cooperation partnership with MGEI Academy d.o.o. In the academic year 2015/16 we are not performing the study programmes for foreign students in English language.

Please note, that According to Slovenian legislation, the admission procedure for foreign candidates starts with the application for recognition for access to education (more information is available at

Six reasons for studying at College of Industrial Engineering
Production technologies represent the greatest potential for the generation of prosperity, working places and better quality of life [About the industry].

1)    The study is practically-oriented and efficient
The contents of the study programme and competencies of graduates arise from the needs of the industry and your potential employers. The work is organised in small groups.

2)    The study is taught by college lecturers with industrial experience.
Renowned college lecturers with various industrial experience and extensive scientific and research work participate in the studying process [Lecturing staff].

3)    The study takes place in very well-equipped premises.
The College operates in modern lecture rooms, computer labs and laboratories [Premises and equipment]. The study takes place in one location and no additional time is needed for travelling to remote laboratories. We are closely connected to development and research centres in the region.

4)  Friendly and accessible team
Are you tired of often cold and unkind approach in bigger institutions? It is different with us. Friendly and efficient team is available to you also outside hours of the student's office [Where to find us, Hours of the students' office], our operation is flexible. 

5)    Excellent employment possibilities
Production engineering is an industry with a high level of creativity and innovativeness. The graduates will be able to be employed in all areas of mechanical and electrical industry, and in many other areas [Employment possibilities of graduates]. Bachelors of Science of Mechanical Engineering are among shortage occupations, be it in the region or in Slovenia.

6)  Affordable and transparent study costs
The fees are reasonable and include some extra costs (e.g. cost of diploma thesis) so there will be no unpleasant surprises because of additional costs during your studies [Fees]. The fees can be reduced if we recognise certain study units from other education programmes. According to the Eurostudent study, the costs of part-time study in your home region are actually comparable to the full-time study outside your region (higher transport costs and/or costs of living in a separate household outside the region).

Do you need help? Call us. We will give you additional information and advice to help you with your decision.
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