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  Modern Production Engineering  
  Numerous employment opportunities in developing
industrial products and workplaces requiring a high
level of creativity and innovation; offering an important
role in all areas of the mechanical and electrical industries.
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International cooperation

International cooperation and integration into common European higher education area will be implemented via exchanges of students and teachers, by implementing international quality standards, cooperation in EU programmes etc.

For this purpose, in 2011 we acquired our Erasmus University Charter, which gives possibilities for projects of international mobility of students (for the studies as well as for the practice), mobility of higher education teachers and other staff employed with the higher education institution, as well as projects for study program development.

Being aware of the importance of exchange of experience, knowledge and ideas, responsible teachers of the programme Modern Production Engineering have already actively collaborated in research and education with other higher education institutions, faculties, universities and research institutes in Slovenia and abroad.

Since we are well aware of the importance of international exchange and cooperation; improving the quality of the programme and the higher education institution itself, within the Erasmus programme and other life-long education programmes, we intend to:
- Constantly improve the study programme by adding an international dimension to it;
- Encourage the mobility of students and employees;
- Ensure good connections with partner institutions;
- Develop and increase international research.

Erasmus Plus Policy Statement

ECHE (Erasmus listina za terciarno izobraževanje)
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